Boost the productivity of your factory with our industrial automation services.

If people live in a world where everything is connected, the processes of your factory or company should also be connected to optimize the workflow and thus achieve maximum efficiency and improve productivity. To this end, we offer you the best technological solutions for the digitization and real-time automation of your factory, combining data analytics and artificial intelligence.

These solutions, which are key to the digital transformation of any operation, will allow you to automate production processes and enhance the interconnectivity of your factory or company. In addition, this improvement will also be reflected in other areas, such as increased motivation for your employees.

Can you imagine an industrial automation software that gives precise and infallible instructions to the processes of your factory or company?

Imagine, because with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) it is possible. Industrial automation engineering is the great solution to increase the quality and productivity levels of any factory, and more and more companies are betting on it. Automation 4.0 is already a reality, and we must be there to make a competitive difference.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, process automation software learns from itself, integrating continuous improvement techniques to identify new processes that can be robotized.

Benefits of RPA automation

Cost savings

According to an IBM study, the implementation of RPA leads to cost savings of between 10% and 20%.

Time savings

There are tasks that generate frustration when performed by people. Let technology take care of all that and let your employees focus on the more human tasks.


RPA learns from itself, and is able to manage peak workloads so that the productivity of your factory or company is not affected.

Error reduction

When you perform a routine task, the chances of error are higher. In contrast, machines perform their tasks with precision.


According to a Deloitte study, 92% of companies agree that RPA "has met or exceeded expectations" for improving compliance.

Improving the work environment

When a factory or company is more productive, employees are more motivated, and consider RPA technology as an ally of the overall objectives.

How do we do it?

We analyze your factory workflow.

We detect the processes to be robotized through data analysis.

We create the software that will automate these processes.

We implemented it in the testing phase. Artificial intelligence is starting to do its part by identifying the most important areas for improvement.

We monitor the results and follow up the software.

“Robotic Process Automation is one of the key players in any company's digital transformation strategy.”.

Some examples of tasks that RPA can do for you

Automation of IT processes

Automation of industrial machinery

Recipe automation

Update ERP, SAP system upon completion of a work order or when an order is complete.

Synchronize the inventory, prices, etc. of raw materials entering the factory without having to do it manually every time a product has a variation.

Automate alerts of all types: stock reduction to a predetermined value, tracking of goods, etc.

Create an onboarding for a newly hired employee (create a company email, create a user with certain permissions, etc.).

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