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Solutions for the real-time visual management of factory processes

how to simplify and improve industrial processes
What do we do?

We create technological solutions for the digitalisation and real-time factory automation of the factory that combine data analytics and artificial intelligence, enabling factories to automate production processes and improve factory interconnectivity as a means to achieve maximum operational efficiency and improve productivity and take better decisions.

Simplify and improve your processes with our solutions.

Digitalise your factory

Make real-time decisions based on information from the field

RPA Automation

Automation of production processes to achieve a networked factory as a means to achieve maximum operational efficiency and improve productivity.


Real-time visibility of all processes to remain competitive. KPIs, dashboards and data analytics provide a competitive advantage in the industrial ecosystem.

Paperless Factory

Go paperless with faster, more efficient processes and documents available at all times. Smart forms, digital checklists that also help you to be socially responsible for the environment.

Quality Assurance

Quickly and easily identify and manage quality losses and compliance issues. Minimise waste and reduce your costs and time. Ensure product compliance. Make better decisions based on your own data.

Version Control

Approval of workflows to ensure that work instructions, control plans and all processes meet requirements. Review and compare edits and changes to processes throughout the lifecycle.

Digital Work Instructions

Improve communication and provide instant feedback within your supply chain. Effortlessly address issues and share real-time data, from non-conformance images to continuous improvement ideas.

We have a solution for each department of your factory


Analyses and monitors production operations at all times. Automatic production data acquisition. Know exactly when and how each individual part is produced through historical information and detailed reports.


It manages and supervises all maintenance activities carried out by operators, with the aim of reducing maintenance costs, reducing times, improving asset availability and increasing the quality of the final product.


Automatically manage, trace and monitor all parameters of production operations to ensure product compliance. The more data you collect, the easier continuous improvement becomes.


Control all incoming and outgoing material to allow access to up-to-date information on material availability and stock levels. Generate automatic alerts based on available or forecast stock.

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