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Product and process trazability

Traceability and product genealogy

Traceability in manufacturing is becoming a fundamental requirement for industries around the world to reduce risk, meet regulatory requirements and remain competitive. Whether you are looking for a basic or advanced traceability solution, CAPTIA can help you. Easily monitor the entire quality process. Get all information about each manufactured end product down to the component and task level or where a batch of raw material or component has been used.

What is "visual management" of operations?

Take your factory to the next level

Optimise the use of time

Time is money. By eliminating wasted time with advanced and efficient working methods, you can spend that time on other tasks that generate other income. Having fewer defects to deal with means not having to work with them. By minimising waste, you will improve cost efficiency.

Improve processing and response times. Move from one operation to the next automatically without operator intervention.

Rules Engine. Trigger events based on user actions.

Keep knowledge within the company

Are you stressed because your most experienced employees are about to retire and you see that their knowledge and experience will no longer be available? Are your best workers going on holiday and you fear that the quality of your products will suffer? Are sick leaves or temporary confinements affecting your production?

Embrace the continuous improvement, standardise your operator's best practices with our solutions and maintain years of experience within the company.

Real-time data

Get real-time data to facilitate rapid reaction time for decision making

Data analytics contextualised through charts, dashboards, alerts, graphs and KPI's integrated in order to implement corrective actions: working time, speed and efficiency.

Collect unlimited amounts of process data with integrated and customisable data collection fields and record all actions performed by users.

Improve communication and provide instant feedback within your supply chain. Effortlessly address issues and share knowledge in real time, from non-conformance images to continuous improvement ideas.

Connected factory

Connect with your field elements for automatic data capture (plcs, machines, tools, IoT and Augmented Reality devices, test benches) using different communication protocols: TCP, serial, open protocol, Lora, file exchange, external databases...

Connect both vertically and horizontally with the different areas of your factory. Through ERP integration you can synchronise the details of your work orders, quantities, times, and more.

Improve workplace safety

Only qualified operators have access to the machine or workstation. Eliminate operational errors and thus increase the productivity of the factory.

Use the login that suits you best: single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory authentication or username and password authentication.

Quick links and digital display of safety information for operators. Station configuration, protective equipment or any specific information needed.

Flexible configuration

Quick and easy configurations without the need for programming skills, allowing changes to be made in minutes rather than days or months.

Relationships between jobs and operations, set conditions and ranges of values so as not to allow progress if the results are not correct.

Trust us to help you to be more productive