Monitor the process of creating your products and services.

Since you took the control of your factory or company, you have had many ideas for new products and services. And they all have one thing in common: they have followed a series of processes from their origin to the final result. Tracking these processes in your production chain is known as traceability and product genealogy., and goes far beyond "getting from point A to point B".

Indeed, product traceability processes involve the application of quality standards (e.g. ISO norms, but there are many others), through a standardisation that minimises errors while saving time and cost. For example, you could build a rocket to go to the moon, but it might not be the best idea to do it in wood. When standard rules and industrial traceability software are applied, the methodology makes sense..

Product traceability, key to identifying errors

Process traceability is essential to identify errors in the flow of product or service creation.. Going back to the wooden rocket example, you can build all the parts perfectly out of wood, but on the first test launch of the rocket you will realise that wood was not the best material (have a good fire extinguisher at hand). You chose the wrong materials, even though the parts were perfect. In process traceability, there are two phases:

Internal traceability

What materials will you need, in what proportion, and what are the logistical steps (the so-called "tiers") to obtain your final product before launching it on the market?

External traceability

It involves logistical strategies and processes once the product or service has been launched on the market. Has packaging been broken? Has the cold chain been interrupted during transport? Do you have a plan to manage mishandling?

¿Qué ventajas tiene la trazabilidad del proceso productivo?

Cost savings

When a product does not meet the required quality, identifying the points in the creation process that can be improved or corrected is key.

Saving time

It is obvious that if you do not have identified all the processes that are part of the creation of a product, it will take you longer to identify errors by having to review the whole process.


Nowadays, consumers want to know what they are buying. If you are transparent in the process of creating your products, your end customer will have more confidence in you.

Be standard

From the moment materials enter your factory or company, they have followed standards for creation and transport. Standards validate the supply chain.

Connected factory

Connect the different areas of your factory vertically and horizontally, synchronising the details of work orders, quantities, times, and more.

Motivated and confident workforce

It is not the same for your operators to work under uncertainty and improvisation as it is for them to work knowing that they are backed and assured by a quality standard.

How do we implement our industrial product or process traceability software?

We examine your factory or company to understand the process of creating your product or service.

We advise you on the necessary and missing standards, if any, to ensure the correct workflow.

We add extras to that workflow, such as barcodes or QR codes with internal data to track each step.

We obtain data in real time to facilitate fast reaction times for decision making.

We monitor results and follow up on the supply chain.

“Production traceability allows you to quickly and easily set up configurations without the need for programming skills, allowing changes to be made in minutes, setting values to block progress if the results are not correct (No Fault Fordward).”.

Some examples of practical applications when implementing industrial traceability software

In a microwave oven factory, control the stock of the parts that make up the microwave ovens, depending on the final outcome of the products.

Track shipments by controlling the exact location of the package at all times, through phase differentiation.

Improve your factory supply chain flow and quality control of your final products in real time.

Create a log of the daily actions of all operators and extract metrics for each performance to detect peaks and troughs in productivity.

They already know the advantages of traceability in manufacturing.

It's time to take your factory or company to the next level!

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