Control factory production with MES/MOM systems for Industry 4.0

Without any doubt, top factories have a MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) integrated that controls their production. This control is executed through the real-time analysis and documentation of the elements of the production process (raw materials, operators, equipment, etc.) from the beginning until the final product is obtained.

The MES system also determines the degree of efficiency and productivity of the entire industrial process, including the upstream phase of raw material procurement and warehouse systems management, the downstream phase of dependence on third-party services and the downstream phase of distribution and logistics.

Our MES software is the solution to increase the productivity of your plant.

Imagine a rope like those used by mountain climbers. If you look closely at that rope, you will see that it is made up of dozens of fine ropes braided together harmoniously. Just one of them would be unable to support your weight, but all of them together, perfectly intertwined, give rise to the rope that will take you to the summit of your mountain.

That is the MES system: the seamless integration of all work processes and functions of your production system. This includes managing resources, preparing and dispatching orders, collecting data on overall team effectiveness, and more. Our MES system goes beyond software: it is an end-to-end solution that includes software, process analytics, artificial intelligence, data analysis and storage, and even equipment refurbishment, if necessary.

Benefits of implementing an MES system in your plant

Cost savings

Determining the efficiency of the industrial process is mandatory to be able to detect and correct faults in the supply chain.

Resource optimisation

Manage the precise intervention of raw materials, inventory, operators, equipment and external services to set your priorities.

Data tracking

Generates productivity reports for operational decision making, external audits, opportunity detection, etc.

Production management

Coordinate the different departments of your factory (both operational and management) to control the flow of your production according to your needs.

Replicable system

By standardising processes through an MES system, you can replicate your production model if you open another plant.

Legal support

By documenting your entire factory process in real time, you can provide evidence of action in case of external conflicts related to your product.

How we implement and integrate MES systems

The first thing is to know your factory: what processes it runs, what data is taken, which areas can be digitised, etc.

We integrated the data we received to prototype the first software models of the MES system.

We coordinate the software with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the product traceability.

We implemented it in a test phase to further collect data with different inputs.

We monitor the results and extend the software until all processes are integrated into the MES system.

“The MES system is the great all-round solution for coordinating all processes in the supply chain on the basis of the data received by all departments in real time.”.

Some examples of actions you can carry out using the MES systems application

Link data from devices directly to the system without human intervention.

Implement permanent quality controls at any stage of the production process.

Eliminate bottlenecks in your processes in advance through data analysis.

Automatically adjust the stock of raw materials to cover production within the deadlines you decide.

They already know the advantages of implementing an MES system.

It's time to take your factory or company to the next level.!

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